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Over the border
18 September 2011

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High Speed
18 August 2010

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11 August 2010

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Restricted Dream
13 July 2010

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Dancing in the Sun
10 July 2010

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Each Step...1 Perfume
20 March 2010

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23 January 2010

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Appreciation of Colors
11 December 2009

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Face or Escape?
9 August 2009

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Old Tracks
6 August 2009

Recent Comments

rahele nemati on Touch
very nice

Gautam on Appreciation of Colors
nice bright and colorful...just what the doc ordered for the morning tea

Gautam on Dancing in the Sun
charmingly nice

Gautam on Restricted Dream
you have said it

Gautam on Hard to Reach
great title...very poetic

Gautam on BW
great portrait

Gautam on Touch
very nice composition...forces us to look up...nice

Shadi Jalili on Touch
such a romantic shot.i love it

Elodie on Spotlight
just like a fairytale...

Elodie on Restricted Dream

Elodie on Hard to Reach
Who's this?!! ;-)

Elodie on In
or out!! :-)) Love the shot!

آی دا on In
subject & udea are great

Shadi Jalili on In
IN is interesting

k@ on In
Suble & clever, i can see him !

The MaJor on In
very nice look

Ehsan on High Speed
nice shot, I like it in sepia. Nice title and well framed

marc battault on In
excellent depth of field in this shot ,vanilla !! kiss !!

Samira on Through The Lines
like it, kheili ziad:)

Babak on My Dad
The composition of the handsome man's look and the surrounding area made a fantastic B&W photo. Great !! I ...

marc battault on Lady Henna
a nice portrait ,vanilla ,a good angle of view !! kiss !

marc battault on Hard to Reach
a fantastic angle of view !!!! wonderful ! five stars ! kiss !

Glen Webber (Wildlife Photography) on Just Statue of Liberty
Awesome shot. The colour and form of what is a very photographed landmark are great.

Shadi Jalili on Dancing in the Sun
i wish u the same smile in urs:D

Shadi Jalili on Restricted Dream
nice pic & title

Shadi Jalili on Dancing in the Sun
is that u??? miram harf dar biaraaaaaam:D

*MЯG* on Restricted Dream
nice shot

k@ on Dancing in the Sun
Superb profiled happiness

marc battault on Restricted Dream
a nice and strong shot !! kiss !

marc battault on Dancing in the Sun
a pretty natural laugh ! kiss !

Ghezelayagh on Through The Lines
great capture and title

marc battault on Through The Lines
hi vanilla ,well come back with a wonderful artistic shot !! kiss !

Zoltan on Through The Lines
Good composition. Lots of forward momentum here.

Shahryar on Through The Lines
nice shot :)

*MЯG* on Curve
wow... neat art

*MЯG* on Each Step...1 Perfume
stylish !!! i like that !!! i can smell the purity!!!

*MЯG* on Sweat Dream

Fera on Sweat Dream
i love that small cute bud. It reminds me buds will bloom at the end of the day, and it's not just a sweet dream:) ...

marc battault on Sweat Dream
a very romantic shot !!vanilla ! kisses !

shadi jalili on Sweat Dream
bah baaaaaaaaaaaah che ajab mibinam ke mehmun darino ......khoshbashin:D

angel on Each Step...1 Perfume
like it

marc battault on Each Step...1 Perfume
beautiful image, vanilla, nice design! kiss!

shadi jalili on Each Step...1 Perfume
zaviye did khube vali un kie intaraf?:D

marc battault on Curve
glad your back here, vanilla, with a nice shot! kisses!

*MЯG* on Spotlight
wow its deep and lovely

k@ on Always on Your Side
Cute girl, smile & message, adorable*

shoti on Spotlight
oh what lovely sunrays those are coming from the trees! could be improved by darkening a little :)

Steve Rice on Spotlight
Nice light in this fine forest scene.

Charles Dastodd on Spotlight
love the rays of light coming through the trees! a beautiful capture!!

DaveB on Spotlight
Great light in this one

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